As an art teacher I followed the evolution of these desktops with great intrest. These surfaces bring up associations of cave paintings, or contemporary graffiti. Every generation of students consciously or subconsciously responding to the layer that went before. Stacking, blending, carving, tagging. The desktop itself never receives their full attention of course. The desktop left behind is a random remnant of hours spent concentrating and contemplating. To add my two cents to this subconscious dialogue, I’ve decided to bring the background to the front.

The computer controlled milling machine machine I used for this work reminds me of playing with a Spirograph. I remember being transfixed by the gorgeous semi-random shapes coming into being right in front of my eyes. As a kid I wondered: Did I make this beautiful drawing? Or was it just the random combination of gears intertwining?

Essentially the ‘Subconscious dialogue’ works are like collages. I try to bring together multiple complexities: one mechanical and geometrical, the other organic and ‘all over’. Both of these planes are created in a semi-random fashion, but brought together with attention to depth, line, color and composition, reminiscent of the painterly tradition.