GAME OVER #1 (cube) – Bronze – Edition of 3
GAME OVER #2 (ball) – Porcelain – Edition of 3

I’m sure I’m not the only one who peeled off the stickers of my Rubix cube as a kid. Maybe it was my frustration of not being able to solve the puzzle, or maybe it was just the pure satisfaction of peeling that motivated me. Either way, once the stickers are off you’ll never get them back on. And why would you want to? Marcel Duchamp famously said “there is no solution, because there is no problem”.

As an artist I try to switch roles, from active / dynamic to reflective / contemplative and back again. In the process of making the GAME OVER works I’ve taken away the original function of the objects by making them immobile: The Bronze Rubix Cube no longer twists and turns, the porcelain rubberband ball no longer bounces. The concept of play has been switched from a physical experience to a mental exercise.