“Before the construction work around the Grote Markt took place, archeologists were given the chance to examine the soil. Besides some precious treasures they also found shards of everyday objects. These historical fragments contribute to the imagining of how these objects might have been used through the ages. Albert Westerhoff brings these historical treasures back to the people with his work, Diggels van Dou, which is Gronings for “shards from the past”. During MARKER an archeological depot will appear at the Grote Markt, where the public will be able to buy and taste edible “diggels”. While enjoying these chocolates the public can reflect on the passage of time.”

About MARKER: From May 31 to June 9 2018, NP3 and CBK Groningen will transform the Grote Markt into a new stage for contemporary art in Groningen: MARKER. With the Grote Markt as a source of inspiration, six artists investigate what the significance of the central square was, is and what it can be. They have developed unique artworks that respond to the use and perception of this square, its cultural history, distinctive architecture and the influence of technology. Through the different art works, you can literally and figuratively eat the cultural heritage, see well known Groningers come back to life, reflect on the inner city, climb to great heights, be part of the research of privacy in public space or surprise everyone with a sound performance, live at the Grote Markt.

Artists: Ruben Boxman | Henri van Hoeve | Sarah JanssenLee Mc Donald | Bert Scholten | Albert Westerhoff |