Like graffiti, but can live without the consequences? Do you miss the good old days when you ‘decorated’ the neighborhood, but don’t want to sneak out at night? How about tagging the sidewalk in front of the police station? Buskrijt (Chalk with attitude;) will make your dream come true! Buskrijt is sidewalk chalk for big kids like us.
Buskrijt is non-permanent Street Art.
Buskrijt is available in three colors, and 90 % hand-made in the Netherlands (10 % with a blender). The thing that appeals to me most about graffiti is that it is ephemeral: it’s gone before you know it, either removed or covered up with more graffiti. In this way it is more like a sandcastle than the Mona Lisa – you cannot go and visit a beautiful work of graffiti art for the rest of your life. So there is a poetic parallel between graffiti and sidewalk chalk. Also, to me Buskrijt is a reminder that adults should never stop playing or making mischief.

*Buskrijt (pronounced “bus-crite”) does not translate into English – it’s a made up word that includes words for can, chalk, and gunpowder.