Zap @ RUG to Celebrate the first lustrum of the Faculty of Economics and Business – 2013
first lustrum Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Groningen , mergers and acquisitions , intercultural co-operation , mutual understanding , “The best part of a good dinner is not what you eat but with whom you share it with” , “When we open this hatch in space, we are opening back for the earth a new era in the history of man” , adding personal value , students

ApFab - UMCG Zap - Kwaal

ApFab - UMCG Zap - Remedie

Zap @ UMCG – DISEASE & REMEDY – diptych for the Department of education @ UMCG Hospital (Groningen, NL) – 2009.
Kwaal: Darmatresie, peri-apicale ontsteking, reumatische hartziekte, subfertiliteit, cva
Remedie: antibioticum, end-to-end anastomose, hartklep vervanging en levenslange antibiotica, tijd, lifestyle


Zap @ SNS Reaal Groningen – 2009
Knallen, Transparant, TrotsOplossen, Vriendelijk

Step 1: 200 + new staffmembers of SNS Reaal Groningen supplied query words to which they identify their company.

Step 2: A random script has selected four keywords from these 200 words. Terms that where submitted often were thus more likely to be selected.
Step 3: The five keywords used (Knallen, Transparant, Trots, Oplossen, Vriendelijk) Gave us the following images (first image on google).
Step 4: Our Zapmachine produced over 500 + collages on the basis of these images. ApFab selected the four most attractive collages from this large amount. Subsequently, the team at SNS Reaal, together with ApFab, deciden on wich work to print on aluminum.