Performance / installation  – @ Academie Minerva (2015), @ Uitleenschatten CBK Groningen (2016), @ Nieuwe Garde Rotterdam (2016).

The Internet has become such a natural part of everyday life that few are still wondering what it actually is. What is happening under our desks? What exactly is flying throught our air? Who determines the order of the net? Or more specific: How many pallets of paper do you need to get a physical sense of this thing we call Internet? With our PRINT-THE-NET project we try to translate the abstract shape of the Internet back to something concrete and tangible. From 9 to 5, we are present as staff in our ApFab office. Our day consists of printing the entire Internet, alphabetically, so it can be filed in our own defined categories. Visitors of the exhibitions (Final Exam, art academy Minerva, Uitleenschatten CBK GroningenKick Off Nieuwe Garde Rotterdam) could fill in a form requesting ApFab to keep them up-to-date, on changes hapening on the net, through posted mail. These mailings where authenticated by an ApFab stamp of aproval.