“After an exhaustive struggle Copyright has passed away. Without him, we will face a difficult time. He helped us to define our identity and gave us a sense of security. Now we will have to look for ways to continue without him. We condole any person who felt protected in the presence of copyright.”


Kunstvlaai 2010
At the Kunstvlaai 2010 we finalized our “A requiem for Copyright” Project. In this project we searched for an appropriate place of rest for the recently deceased Copyright.

Tombstone – 2009
Earlier in 2009 we realized a monument for Copyright. The monument is a tombstone which marks the end of the Copyright era. The copyright logo is chiseled in black granite and accentuated with silver paint. Before the Artpie we presented this work at Art Track, Stedum and NP3, Groningen. After realizing it would be inappropriate to sell this work we decided to give it away (or Dutch pfd) to any person or party who could best describe where Copyright should find its definitive place of rest. We had quite a lot of reactions, signs of support, condolences and people interested in giving a home to the monument. In the end the Scryption Museum, (Tilburg, NL) could best describe why this monument should be placed in front of their museum. Unfortunately Scryption died by a bankrupt just before we could place the monument. Foto’s Art Track, Stedum and NP3, Groningen

Memorial – 2010
We officially payed our respects to Copyright at the 3rd Bright Night in Amsterdam (bright.nl/brightnight).